Augmented Urban Reality

CognitiveXR is a platform to enable smart-city-scale cognitive augmentation by seamlessly integrating augmented reality, edge computing, and AI.

Our vision

A seamless high-bandwidth interface between you and the AI-enhanced Smart City. The overlay enhances your perception with cyber-physical and context-specific information from the environment.

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CognitiveXR is designed to work with state of the art wearable Mixed Reality technology like the Microsoft HoloLens, Vuzix Blade, or nReal. We make it easy for AR developers to offload computer vision tasks or process environmental sensor data.

Edge AI Powered

Using edge computing methods to offload AI tasks and interconnecting wearable devices opens exciting avenues for cognitive augmentation applications. We have years of systems engineering and research expertise in the area of distributed edge AI systems.


Our platform is designed for all scales. Whether you are powering your AR-assisted labs on hybrid cloud infrastructure, supporting field technicians at the extreme edge, or building urban cognitive augmentation apps for an entire Smart City.



Teaser image for Publication at the IEEE VR DISCE 2021 Workshop
Publication at the IEEE VR DISCE 2021 Workshop

We presented our position paper Towards a Platform for Smart City-Scale Cognitive Assistance at the IEEE VR 2021 DISCE Workshop.

Teaser image for Radio interview with Thomas
Radio interview with Thomas

Thomas was invited to Radio NJOY to talk about the experiences of being in the early stages of founding an academic spin-off.

Teaser image for Announcing CognitiveXR
Announcing CognitiveXR

We are excited to announce the CognitiveXR initiative, and our first project CognitiveAR that was funded by a Netidee 2020 grant.

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